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accepté octobre 2009 in STRAIN


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B. Helifa,
A. Oulhadj,
A. enbelghit,
I.K. Lefkaier,
F. oubenider,

« Detection and measurement of surface cracks in ferromagnetic materials using eddy current testing » 

ELSEVIER NDT et E international 39 (2006) 384-390



F. oukazouha,
F. Boubenider


“Piezoelectric transformer : Comparison between a model and an analytical verification”

ELSEVIER Computers and Structures (2007)

S. Gachi
F. Belahcen
F. Boubenider

 Residual stresses in AA7108 aluminium alloy sheets joined by friction stir welding

Nondestructive testing and Evaluation
Accepté le 22/09/2008

Djili S., Boubenider F.
Propagation of L (0, 2) extensional guided mode in a hollow circular cylinder : application to non destructive testing
accepté octobre 2009 in International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design
S. Sait, Y. Abbas, F. Boubenider 
Use of A0 Lamb mode to measure the thickness of thin plates, application to non destructive testing
 accepté octobre 2009 in STRAIN
S. Gachi, F. Boubenider, F. Belahcene
Design and optimization of friction stir welding tool
Accepted for publication in Materials and Manufacturing Processes novembre 2009